About The Publishing Prize



The Publishing Prize

An annual juried contest for films, websites, newspapers, magazines, books and other printed matter in English or Swedish. 

Since 1990, we have awarded The Publishing Prize for commendable editorial and marketing communication.

  • Print categories since 1990
  • Website categories since 2004
  • Film categories since 2015

The Publishing Prize, which is independent of industry organizations, is a comprehensive communication contest. It embraces most established forms of communication.

For a message to get across, so much more than good design is required. Therefore the Publishing Prize jury also assesses textual content, visual content and – depending on the type of contest entry – direction (film), technical execution (print) and usability (website).

Who can enter?

either the company/organization (or equivalent)
or the agency/studio (or equivalent), in consultation with the client
or a printing or production company in consultation with the client

Competitors (and winners) in The Publishing Prize have encompassed both large and small players in the industry. Entries include in-house productions on limited budgets as well as those from established creative agencies and publishers. Good communication does not necessarily require a fat wallet!

The jury consists of active communicators such as photographers, graphic designers, film producers, journalists and editors. They examine, evaluate and compare the entries, which are judged using a number of criteria. The judging criteria and the jury’s ranking points are public.

Winners will receive a statuette and a certificate. All nominees will receive a certificate, and a booklet which shows how the jury has scored the nominated entries.

In addition to three Grand Prix awards, and first prizes within each category, in some years we also award a Publishing Prize Petit Prix.

To the nominees and winners, The Publishing Prize means:

• PR and publicity You can tell the world about your success in the contest. Nominees and winners are announced in press releases and on the contest website.

• Prestige The Publishing Prize is one of the longest-running comprehensive contests in the field of communication. Even to be nominated into the final selection list is a mark of quality.

• Stimulation To excel in The Publishing Prize is a recognition that stimulates and provides an energy boost.

Both winners and nominees may use the appropriate Publishing Prize badges in their publicity and marketing for an unlimited time.

What contestants have said about The Publishing Prize

“So accurately specifying the criteria and having such a comprehensive assessment gives weight to the contest.”
Per Torberger, CAP & Design

“Immediately after winning The Publishing Prize for our website, there was a tenfold increase in the visits to the site. Later it stabilized on eightfold.”
Patric Hadenius, Research & Progress

“To take part in the contest provides inspiration and ideas for improvements. It is also motivating for those coworkers who publish on the site as part of their job.”
Eva Tinnerholm, webmaster, Tyreso municipality

“The publicity we received in connection with winning The Publishing Prize was, in my opinion, a direct cause of UNESCO appointing our Gammelstad Village a World Heritage site.”
Sven Olov Hederyd, Lulea municipality




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